A Sailor's Warning


Their embrace grew longer each day

Warming winds were slipping away

When we watched him longingly stare

To the blue line calling out there


All my nights were icy and white 

A trembling cabin, a callous night

Weary eyes left seeking forlorn

For the ship that would carry them home 


Mom was waiting, sleepless and drawn 

We all grew silent listening for

Heavy footsteps on our front porch 

A looming figure outside our door


Ooo, will this night go on forever

Ooo, daylight reddening the sky 

Ooo, while we pray for warming weather 

Ooo, the tide is turning now

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Artwork by Kine Kjær / Runar Bergstad
Web design by Sverre Simonsen
& Nordicana Prodctions AS

Hollow Hearts © 2020