I've Got Hope


Looking for a reason why

I’ve been chasing what I can’t explain 

It leaves me feeling down and out 

And I’m left with the same problems 


Your mother’s strained, far too young

From all that you’ve been doing 

Now left out raw, with empty hands 

You still chase what you believe in

Oh, oh - I guess that’s hope


The grainy taste of a city’s breath 

The buildings growing taller 

With nothing of the old days left 

Who knows if it’s getting harder 

Oh, oh - to see there’s hope, to see there’s hope 


I’ve never had faith or belief, that carried me, that carried me

I never looked up to the sky and felt at ease, felt at ease  

And whether I lose or I win, it’s all on me, it’s all on me

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Artwork by Kine Kjær / Runar Bergstad
Web design by Sverre Simonsen
& Nordicana Prodctions AS

Hollow Hearts © 2020