Into The City


See the lights, watch them grow

Now you’ve been to hell and back

Remember what you once called home

Take a deep breath in and you’ll forget


Into the city


There’s truth in wine, here’s for the true 

You should stop, but her grip is strong 

Swinging slow, a face you knew

Make the hours nice and long


Into, into the city

Into, into the city 


Citylights across your face,
it’s been a long time since you could escape

A phone rings in the distance, why
you could’ve picked up but you’re too tired

A nameless man can’t answer home
he’s too hung up on being alone


Everyone is singing loud

One by one they shake your hand

The sea runs deep the river’s wide

You wonder why you ever came 


Into, into the city

Into, into the city  

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Artwork by Kine Kjær / Runar Bergstad
Web design by Sverre Simonsen
& Nordicana Prodctions AS

Hollow Hearts © 2020