We've made an acoustic version of "Things We Hide" for you this week. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Blog #8: Things We Hide

We did this week's video blog in Bukta (The Bay). 
Here's video blog no. 6: Keep Moving On!

Blog #6: Keep Moving On

This week we’ve been spending some very nice days at Festspillene i Nord-Norge in Harstad. 

Blog #4: Down to the Wire

This week we went hiking in the stormy weather. 

Blog #2: Parade

We've both been touring and writing this week.

And here's this week’s video blog: Into the City! 

Blog #7: Into the City

We’re at Årstein in Lofoten where we’ve spent this week writing new songs for our next EP and album.

Blog #5: Trouble & Trouble Prelude

We went for a little road trip monday this week, and the results are here.

Blog #3: When We Get There

We're making a video blog this summer to tell you a little bit more about the "Annabelle" album.

Blog #1: Annabelle

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