We’ve been writing about Annabelle and Peter for the past three years, and it’s been very inspiring writing someone else’s history. Their story is about a life-long relationship that shows how complicated love can be. They never quite figured out how to be together, nor how to be apart… 
The album deals with life’s ups and downs in different ways - wether it’s about giving up, privations, freight, and of course; love and all it’s crazy ways of being. 

Musically, the album stretches from acoustic folk songs to both blues, pop and soul.

Westergaard Records, September 6th  2019.

"Travelling Songs"
Hollow Hearts-vinyl-mockup.jpg

"Travelling Songs" - mini album.

The album is conceptually about travels, and each of the seven tracks tells a story about the transition from one place to another in some way.
Westergaard Records, February 15th 2019.


Annabelle tells the story of a woman’s life – from a young girl

with stones in her pockets to adulthood with complicated choices.

Snippets of heartbreaks, personal growth and warm humour merge

together to form a story you will want to lose yourself in. The lyrics

are honest, with clear references to life in the far north.

Westergaard Records, March 16th 2018.

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