Down To The Wire


Love, leave me be, we have settled this too many times

I get that the best thing for you is to leave me behind

You may have struck too early, when

I was young and set in my ways 

Love left me stranded, and no one has seen me for days 


Time, would you slow down, there’s no need to rush by so fast 

Mercy would tell you to tell me, how long this will last

I’ll wake up in the summer, all wide-eyed that the years has flown by 

Then go back to sleep and be gone at a blink of an eye


I’m down to the wire 

I’m down to the wire 


I know that I’ve wasted my time, and my money and friends

I’ve blamed you for more than your share, and I have no defense 

For always tracing circles and letting all my fears overflow

When nothing is settled, and life is a race that will go


Down to the wire 

Down to the wire

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Artwork by Kine Kjær / Runar Bergstad
Web design by Sverre Simonsen
& Nordicana Prodctions AS

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