A cloudy any other day
I woke up again
Not knowing I would meet him


The same old worn down café
The door open wide
I’d never be the same


He had been travelling
He had been travelling


I was the one who said I’d go
Once I’d saved enough
To make a new beginning


The years went fast
The day so slow
I was far and wide
But only in my mind


I was travelling
I’d be travelling
I could be travelling
I would be travelling


I made up songs that I would sing
As our plane would land
In any far horizon


He would change everything In a moment’s time
We’d be on our way


We would be travelling
We are travelling
Oh, see me travelling
Now I’m travelling


Oh, travelling
We are travelling
Oh, travelling
Oh, travelling


But I’m only travelling
Oh, travelling

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Artwork by Kine Kjær / Runar Bergstad
Web design by Sverre Simonsen
& Nordicana Prodctions AS

Hollow Hearts © 2020